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statick� projek�n� kancel��
static design studio, Z L � N


1. m�sto v sout��i
"Stavebn� CAD projekt 2003"

DUPROCON, Static Design Studio has a long time tradition in the design of reinforced concrete structures and their foundations. Both various design firms and concrete structure contractors are our clients. We design all kinds of civil engineering buildings and constructions. We mainly deal with the design of production and logistic halls and shopping centres at present.

We supply static calculations and structural drawings for all design phases starting from building permit documentation and tender documentation up to the detailed shop drawings (reinforcement drawings and assembly plans) that are used for the prefabricated elements manufacturing and structure erection on the site.

V�robn� haly CTPark Brno - �ernovick� terasa (2005-2007)
Tisk�rna Ringier Print Ostrava - Hrabov� (2006)
TOYOTA Kol�n - Hala mont��e (2002)


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